Tuesday, 3 February 2009

snow and babies

i'm yawning away here...but thought i must do another post, well the news is yes we did get snow and a pretty impressive amount but then wake up this morning and what has happened rained all night and washed it all away so not a happy bunny there.

Good news though..i'm an auntie again my brothers wife gave birth last night to a little boy Peter Johanthon Terry weighing 7lb 2oz so very happy and can;t wait to go and see them in half term holidays.

so thats another card to make plus i have 2 more card orders so that will keep me busy tomorrow and i shall post the finished articles well thats me off to my bed. zzzzz

Sunday, 1 February 2009

arrghhh first posting!!

well first posting here...well now this is all new to me but shall see what happens...last few days have had my best buddy from essex with her little boy visit me it was great and i shall be counting the amount of empty bottles Ooopsss!!

this week got a busy week ahead with raft shopping tomorrow spending money i haven't got!! then haircut, meetings at school and hopefully and enjoy the snow hahaha!!!

well thats me for first posting shall try and get on here as much as poss but be lovely if some peeps would say hi to me PLEaseeee x