Friday, 24 December 2010

woohooo Emma is still about lol

Hello all...OMG where have I been I really don't know and I can't believe its been so long since I've posted and I've done no commenting either, I would completly understand if Santa doesn't visit me tonight lol.
I decided I needed a break from card making..the stress of making so many cards for my craft fair made me start to not enjoying my love of card making. On top of that so much has happened too, my little kitten Gwen was recovering well only to suffer a huge setback last weekend and we had to put her down so so sad and adam was distraught and is still getting upset now about her. I've also suffered a viral flu bug which was yucky indeedy only feeling slightly more normal now lol. Then I've now found out that my knee problem is going to have to get fixed by an operation, they need to grind the knee cap away from the bones as too much rubbing and I also have a tare that needs to get fixed looking at a possible feb/march time unless I get in as a cancelation..shall dread this big time hate hospitals hate being a patient and I don;t wake up well from anesthetics. A couple of poasitives though my craft unit came and I've had a complete over haul of all my craft stuff and I'm very happy with the outcome so much more organised so I can now look forward to finding all my bits and bobs in a colour coded way lol. I already know what my new years resolution is no more crafty stuff lol until the next craft show at the SECC!!!. Also Cameron and I are going really well(well I hope so lol!!!) he has really spoilt me for xmas and this is the card I;ve made him for xmas...haha yes its a penguin card I'm mad!!!
Righty I'm hoping everyone of my bloggy friends has a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and new year, I'm away next week back down south and I shall return buzzing I hope in the new year and I can't wait. xxx

Thursday, 2 December 2010

In la la land

Sorry folks that I've not been about but its all gone belly up here, so until next week I'm going to take a break from blogging.
It all started with the ex coming up for adam's birthday, then on adams birthday his little kitten Gwen got run over he was distraught as expected so the rest of his birthday was up at the vets. She has a very bad pelvic injury at first we thought she would heal but yesterday she had a further x-ray and this has showed more damage internally and most probably not operable to sustain her with any quality of life. The vet is trying his hardest to do what ever he can but looks like today or tomorrow the sad decesion will be made to put her asleep. I feel very guilty over it all and adam is once again having to face another death. Also with the bad weather occuring we never really got to do everything we had planned to for adam birthday.
I've also got my craft fair on Saturday I'm not ready for it at all but I shall just hope that a few people stop and have a look. So with all this going on I'm just taking a back step getting my head organised and then I shall be back. The only good thing at the moment is that my craft storage unit arrived yesterday so hopefully once everything settles down I can get organised and enjoy putting it all together.
righty peeps thanks for reading this far stay safe and warm in this weather and I'll be back sometime next week xx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

not long too go

Until adam is 7!!! Can't believe he will be 7 still seems my little baby and probably always will be. but thats his cake made, banners up balloons puffed up and I'm knackered I just hope he enjoys his day and his party on Saturday.
Also very chuffed as this week I made the top 3 at Moving along the times
anyhow this card is being entered into:
ABC challenge ice and snow
Sketch Saturday a sketch

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

the same again

Hiya all brr its chilly out there but the sun is shining so can't really complain. I've got sooo much going on right now and major count down to adams birthday on friday so its all go but I hope to still be about as well. Enjoyed making this card and especially this image definately one of my fav's at the moment.
This card is being entered into:
Crafty creations Christmas
Cute Card Thursday a sketch

Saturday, 20 November 2010


Hello to all my bloggy friends hoping you are enjoying your weekend and staying warm. I have my school friend Nicky and her partner up this weekend and tonight we are off out tonight so hopefully do me some good as I'm finding I'm slipping down the wrong path which I so don;t want to do. But enough of the moans here is my card for the challenge at Moving along with the times a sketch.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend xx

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I'm wondering!

Hello all back again with another card starting to get a little bit happier with my stock levels now in readiness for my craft fair. Keep going though until I run out of steam.
Thankyou all for your kindness with Adam's diagnosis, I've got parents evening shortly so shall be interesting to hear what is said before I tell them. Then I'm off for a cuddle with Cameron for the night so looking forward to seeing him, but leaving his at 6.30am to get back for work isn't so appealing lol!!
RIghty this card is being entered into:
Stamptacular Sunday Challenge a sketch
Secret crafter saturday sparkle and shine

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I just can't say the word anymore P*****n

Hi all another day is nearly over and a busy one too today, as was yesterday with Adam at hospital which he tried so hard to be brave but the tears just got the better of him poor lad. Then today I got another diagnosis for Adam of Aspergers Syndrome at the moment I think I have my hard hat on and trying not to let it get to me but sooner or later it shall hit me I'm sure.
Anyway another card from me I'm sure its meant to cheer me up but as its another penguin card I'm not too sure roll on after xmas and the penguins can be shot lol!!

This card is being entered into:
Allsorts a sketch
Winter wonderland Winter sports
Cute card Thursday anything goes

Monday, 15 November 2010

Not a Christmas card

Hi all its all going a bit loopy here at the moment trying to cram in sooo much and time is running out for me, this weekend I have my friend coming up for the weekend then next weekend is adam's birthday and then the following weekend is my craft fair so its all go here and of course seeeing my truely wonderful cameron of whom I had a great night with him on Saturday and the kids too so many giggles was had. Just whizzing this card on as got to go and get Adam shortly from school as he has Yorkhill hospital this afternoon for his PKU and his yearly bloods which I'm sure shall be a struggle to pin him down then tonight I'm donating my blood too. For those of you who were kind enough to ask about my MRI scan it went ok now waiting to have another consultant appointment to see what they are going to do with it and the results, but was at doctors this morning cos I was in pain and got stronger pain killers for the time being. Righty shut up me and get this card on xx
This card was made for stock purposes and also fitted well into the challenge at Charisma cardz where the challenge was a sympathy/sorry card.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Its FFFFreezing

blinking heck its sooo cold here winter has definatly arrived here in Ayrshire but least I now have someone to put my cold feet onto hahhahahaha...Oh you should hear the language when I do!!!!
I'm off in a bit for an MRI scan on my knee so another step forward in finding out what they are going to do with me, so getting this card on now before I'm dashing about.

This card is being entered into:
Penny Black let it snow
Saturday challenge red and gold
Spoonfull of Sugar snowflakes.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

someone will be happy!!

The reason being another penguin card to show you...I think I;m being drawn into a very dangerous path lol. Been productive today and made a good stash of cards so pretty pleased...whether I get more made tonight who knows or maybe I shall just get some much needed zzz's!!
This card is being entered into:
Just cute bears black and white + 1
Winter wonderland sing a christmas carol

Monday, 8 November 2010

another week

hello all and another week has started and a cold one at that. Had a very busy weekend with fireworks on friday night which was lovely, a PKU day for adam on saturday and dinner out too with cameron and yesterday running around trying to catch up with household bits. I really must try and stay focused this week and get more cards I feel this craft fair is looming way to close and I've not made enough xmas cards oops. So here is another one that I made yesterday and its being entered into:
Fab n Funky lime and pink
Truly Scrumptious a sketch

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

me now at 33 lol

hi all. Thankyou all for your kind messages of birthday greetings for me I had a lovely birthday very spoilt indeed and some very lush presies too including jewellery from Cameron ahhh he is lovely.
Righty not going to gush on too much so I shall you this card which I thought I hadn;t made a little Tilda card for a while so dug her out and got colouring her in with my ever trusty H20's.
This card is being entered into
Just Magnolia a sketch

Monday, 1 November 2010

happy birthday to me!!!

Morning all...hope you're all happy as me as its my birthday today yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feeling loved up as have two special men in my life right now Adam is apparently doing all my jobs for me today and gave me big birthday hugs this morning and Cameron well he is just lovely and warms my heart and makes me giggle. So although working today i am hitting the pub at lunch with my friend and my mum and then hopefully tonight Cameron shall be over pampering me haha.
Righty I'm showing this card today which is another xmas card getting into the swing of things now with xmas makes. Its being entered into:
Just Cute bears a sketch
moving along with the times card for a child.

Sunday, 31 October 2010


Afternoon all hope you are all having a great weekend and also for those of you at the SECC this weekend hope you've had a great time and your purses are empty. Mine is for sure after my chauffeur aka cameron dropped me off there I brought lots of great goodies but my most expensive buy was a new 12" by 12" drawer system for all my papers and embellishments can't wait for delivery of it and for me to have a great sort out and tidy up of all my crafty bits. The rest of yesterday was spent with cameron and the kids playing lovely and then back to mine and a relaxing evening spent watching x-factor. Today now cameron gone home adam been swim lesson and for me to reflect on my 32rd year of life as tomorrow I hit 33 argh oh no but am being good so far and not peeking at my pressies haha.
Righty I have made a couple of cards and hopefully this week shall get more done soi this card is being entered into:
Winter wonderland a mousey christmas
friday sketchers a sketch

Image-Penny black coloured in with H20's
Stickles and cuttlebug used

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I was shocked!!!

Haha you might be wondering with the title, well when cameron looked at this card he actually liked this one lol, least it was a better response than the last card I showed him. Anyway I had better be nice to him as he is very kindly looking after Adam for me on Saturday so I can go and spend some pennies at the SECC so looking forward to it.
This card is being entered into:
Allsorts spots and stripes
Friday sketchers a sketch

Enjoy and take care xx

Monday, 25 October 2010

Happy times

hiya all after a fabby weekend its back to Monday again...why is it that weekends always goes sooo quick hmmm, well a fun week ahead my brother and family are up for a few days,tomorrow I've a consultant appointment at the hospital to discuss treatment for my painful knee. Then look forward to the weekend again as it shall be my birthday next monday yippee or rather groan as another year older bummer!!! lol
Righty best add this card before cameron arrives yum lol.
This card is being entered into:
Charisma cardz vintage.
Cute card Thursday a sketch.
edited to say Cameron now here and looked at this card and said "it doesn;t look like a new card!!!!" Obviously he doesn't get the vintage look either that or I've mucked up the card!!!!
Another edit now also to say he wonders if i have lost the scissors!!!

Friday, 22 October 2010

oh no I have relented!!!!

Its a PENGUIN card ARGH!!! For those of you who don;t know my lovely boyfriend has a thing about winding me up with penguins so much so that he has recently been so loving and brought me a penguin hat and a penguin topper for my car aerial hmmmmm I appreciated them so much lol!! So much to his amusement I've made a penguin card lol. Its being entered into:
sketch saturday a sketch.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

sorry i've been AWOL!!

Hi all blimey feels like an age that I have been away, and I must admit I always find it hard to get back in the swing of things when I have been away and not been touching my crafty stash. But hoping now after a kick up the bum I shall be back, and I so need to be with a craft fair beginning of December.
Anyhow we had a nice time away last week and a little too much alcohol lol. Then it was Georges angelversary last Friday which I found harder than I thought I would, but getting my head around it now. Of course too I had better give him a little mention Cameron has been great understanding and been there for me when my head been in a spin and lots of cuddles too which makes a huge difference lol.
Righty I've made a card woohoooo, and it is being entered into:
craftalicious challenges naything Goes.
Allsorts Bingo bottom row- tag,ribbon,punch
Friday Sketchers sketch which I have rotated.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Hello and goodbye!!

Hiya all sorry no cards to show today I was planning to and even maybe a penguin one to please Cameron but been so buy that just not found the time to. So this is my last post till friday as me mum and adam are away for a few days to Blairgowrie in Scotland hoping it will do me good and Adam is very excited so thats the main thing. Of course I will miss Cameron but a little time out will be a good tonic especially as we didn;t get away during the summer holidays and also being Georges anniversary too I hope it will help I'm having an odd bubble already. So shall be back on friday which is his angelversary get unpacked and then me and adam will release his balloons and a little birthday cake which adam likes doing.
Also a few of you wanted to know the outcome of me and my friends night out the other night see the psychic, well no messages for us which not quite sure how I felt but the people who did very freaky indeed all the messages came through so accurate I think a few peeps were dumbstruck indeed. It was a good night anyway so thankyou for asking.
Righty last few bits to pack miss you all and you cameron if you are reading this!!!
ta ta for now xx

Thursday, 7 October 2010


Hiya all busy day to day working and also very cute Adam had a presentation at school this afternoon for his French topic he has been doing and he had to do the Can-Can lol. Thats Adam now finished school now for the half term and next week we are away for mon-fri up to Blairgowie so best get my bum into gear and get some packing done at some point!!
Tonight me and a friend is off to a psychic evening not sure how I'm feeling about it being so close to Georges Angelversary, but we shall see and of course I will let you know.
So fitting with tonights outing I thought I would show you this angel card I have made. Its being entered into:
Truly Scrumptious sketch and the option of snowflakes.

Image-LOTV coloured in with H20's and stickles
Sentiment-Daisy & Dandelion

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A happy me!!

Hello all its been a good day today, firstly I saw that I had won this weeks challenge at Fab n Funky. Then I've managed to book a stall at this years Christmas fair in town so lots of xmas cards to make I think!! All very exciting and even more I went to church this afternoon like a good person and supported Adam in his harvest festival service I must be so good never even felt the need to go to confession lol!!!
Righty this card is being entered into:
Friday Sketchers A sketch.
Image-LOTV stamp coloured in H20's
Flower soft-Polar white

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

An easel card

Afternoon everyone day off today so enjoying being stuck into glue card and xmas cards, although just realised that I must make 2 girly cards ready for my friends twin girls birthday next week.
This afternoon off down to the solicitors to sign the affadavit so another step closer to ending my marriage to the ex woohooo can't come soon enough as soon of the things he is saying is really hurting me at the moment especially with my stillborn sons anniversary coming up next week, but i'm trying to stay happy as obviously I am as I have a very nice man in my life now!!
Righty I've made an easel card for a change and also inked up my LOTV xmas stamps.
I'm entering this card into:
ABC Challenge Easel card
Secret crafter Saturday Challenge Easel card

image-LOTV coloured in with H20's
Flower soft-Polar white
RIbbon and snowflakes-stash

Monday, 4 October 2010


Edited to say this card won this weeks challenge at Fab n Funky!!!!

Hi all hope you've all been having a good day, I've been feeling pretty pants all day hopefully an early night or a nice cuddle!! should knock it on its head and I shall get a good creative day tomorrow card making. This card is being entered into:
Sketch Saturday a sketch
Fab n Funky black & White + one.

Image-Penny black
sentiment-Forever Friends
Snowflakes-martha stewart punch

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I'm penguined out!!!

Hello everyone, well today has been a good day(kinda), Adam met Cameron and his daughter today and seemed to go well, so well that every other word was a poxy penguin argh I'm defo penguined out. I've now also been informed that after sneaking another giraffe into his house this week think that one took a bit of finding they are now slightly deformed now I'm scared does he not know he has to care for my giraffes lol!!!
Righty onto my card which is another christmas card, hoping to roll a few out now this week so I hope you don;t get sick of them!!

It is getting entered into
Crafty Creations Challenge Owls
Charisma Cardz challenge Christmas
image-Penny black wise owl coloured in with H20's
Papers-Forever Friends
Embellishment-freebie from mag

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Nice and simple

Hello all bit of a quiter day today been working and had another boiler man come to fix it and its all in working order now thank goodness. Made this card last night and it came together very easy I think that was cos there isn't too much on the card whether too little I shall leave that up to you to decide!

this card is being entered into:
Allsorts plain and simple.
Embellishment-recycled from old card

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

From a tired me

Hello all and oh I'm so worn out, and i suppose you all can guess why! I had an afternoon,evening and night at camerons, was lovely too as I met his daughter who is very cheeky. As for Cameron now thats a different nasty is this encouraging me to eat mega mega hot chilles and laughing at my reaction now that was nasty my mouth was burning for half hour after!!! I shall get my revenge somehow..well in fact I've already started I've planted a couple of my giraffes in his house lol!!!
Righty I've got the gas boiler man doing a service on my boiler, so best pay attention to him lol!!! so here is my card for today.
Secret crafter Saturday Challenge Purple and silver
Charisma Cardz Anything goes.

Image: Sugar nellie
papers: Stash and Pm
Ribbon and gems: stash

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Please be nice to me lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Afternoon all...hope you are all having a nice relaxing afternoon tis gone very cold here but the sun is shining.Now you might be wondering about my title of this post..well between adam and cameron they topic of conversation is nothing but penguins!!!! Do you remember way back adam painted a pottery piece a penguin and not a giraffe??? well this is now the ongoing joke between them and every other sentence seems to be about penguins its doing my nut big time!!!! can't they talk about the wonder of giraffes of course not ARGH!!!! No doubt sir might put a cheeky comment on here as well later hmmmmm.

Anyhow this card is being entered into:
Sketch Saturday a sketch(I've flipped it)
Moving along with the times A to do list- mine is Buttons in the embossing, embossing and two different papers.
Spoonful of Sugar Anything goes.
Image:monster boy, squiggle stamps
papers-echo park
Ribbon stash

Monday, 20 September 2010

a very early morning all!

hello and good morning. I did start writing this post last night but there was a knock on the door and Cameron there with a lovely bunch of roses bless him so that was me last night, and now this morning he is away with a little lunch box I made for him bless!!!.
This card seemed to have alot going on on it and I found it hard to get the look to get a good end result...your views good or bad is appreciated. This card is being entered into:
Sketch Saturday a sketch
Crafty Creations music or dance.

Image-house mouse
Martha stewart doily punch and cuttlebug used
Stars and ribbon stash
Sentiment-Forever Friends

Sunday, 19 September 2010

1st Christmas card from me!!

Hi all..well I've made a start on Christams cards now woohooo so lacking in them this year but more of an impressive start on the Christmas shopping getting there already on that front!
Had a bit of a fright today, Adam decided to fall from the 2nd stair down on the stairs I didn;t see it but he said he roly polyed down, the scream was very impressive lol. He took along time to calm down and even the neighbours heard him but apart from a sore head I think he will be ok. So an extra special eye has been kept on little man today. Also had roast dinner at mums tonight so that was yummy.
Anyhow thankyou as always for your kind comments it is always appeciated.
So this card is being entered into:
Moving along the times christmas theme.
Secret crafter Saturday Challenge Anything goes.

Image-Penny black coloured in with H20's
Papers-imaginisce-double sided
Gems and ribbon-stash

Saturday, 18 September 2010

I did promise a card..

Well here it is bit of a rush job but its made. Been a busy 24hrs again, with Cameron over last night we went for a drive in my new car and went to the pub so had a good night!! Today picked up adam from mums and headed over to Kilmarnock to Dean park and then onto the pics where we saw Toy Story 3, which adam seemed to enjoy.
Righty, this card is being entered into:
Charisma cardz a sketch
just magnolia lace it up

Image-tilda coloured in with H20's and stickles
Lace-cuddly buddly
Sentiment-cuddly buddly

Friday, 17 September 2010

Oh I am being spoilt!!!

Hi all just a quicky to pre worn you new man Cameron is one cheeky chappy he has found his way to my blog and has left a sneaky message although so quick he couldn't spell lol!!!
But he really doesn't get my card making at all, he thinks i should just stick a picture on and mass produce, I've tried explaining to him the wonders of card making but its not working on him, so if you see weird messages its from him lol!!
Have a good evening everybody...Oh and yes last night was good fun and now I'm being spoilt once more as he is over again tonight woohooooo!!!
Card tomorrow I promise actually got images next to me that I have been trying to colour in but been so busy today tidying rearranging and chucking stuff up in my loft and then to the tip so I ache big time now.
Catch you all tomorrow xx

Thursday, 16 September 2010


hello all my lovely bloggy friends, after a busy day working I can now manage to get this card on which I managed to make for my nephews coming birthday on Saturday, not as pleased with it as I wished for but I had to get it in the post today so time was out of my control. Thankfully it has been better weather here perhaps the sun is shining here in Glasgow for the Pope who knows lol think we are all poped out up here now!!!
Righty got company tonight!! so better go look my best and yes that shall take many an hour lol!!.
So this card is being entered into:
Truly scrumptious sketch and blue and green.

Image-Stampavie coloured in with h20's
Stars-freebie mag
Sentiment-forever friends

Monday, 13 September 2010

Bleurgh to the weather here!

Hello all from a soggy Ayrshire, can't believe how the weather has changed so much looks like now my summer tan is going to turn to rust now goodbye summer me thinks.
I had a great weekend very busy indeed, and I've brought a new toy for myself ok a big toy which I pick up tomorrow I shall post a piccie of course. Also my little bit of news is that i am happy again which can only mean one thing, yep I'm back in a relationship!!! Taking this one a little slower(well kinda lol!!) and see where we go but hey I shall enjoy each day as it comes.
anyhow Oh with all my excitement I had a little more I won one of this weeks prizes on Penny black Saturday challenge very exciting.
Righty onto my card for today:

papers-Bo bunny
Mesh-cuddly Buddly
Sentiment-Cuddly buddly
this card is being entered into:
secret crafter saturday challenge sketch
Fab n funky Whateva and DT
Allsorts Colours of Autumn

Thursday, 9 September 2010

I just can't help myself!!!

Morning all...what is happening to me another romantic card from me today and this is because it was my friends 2nd anniversary yesterday, doesn't feel like 2 years ago I was her bridesmaid! Any how someone sneaky has got a vibe that there is more of a reason that I am showing lots of romantic cards well...........there is a little story going on but not quite yet my dear bloggy friends!!!!
ANyhow this card is being entered into the following challenges:
penny black saturday challenge colour scheme of purple brown and cream.
ABC challenge C is for charms
Sketch Saturday sketch to follow

Image- Penny black coloured in with H20's
papers- Bo bunny
Charms,ribbon and gems- stash

happy looking and I hope you all have a good day and thankyou for looking its really appreciated x

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Get well soon

Morning all yippee we have the sun and its streaming through the window lovely!! This card was another comission for my friend who needed a get well card for a male argh was my immediate reaction!! but she was pleased with it I think lol!!!

This card is being entered into:
Truly Scrumptious Get knotted and a sketch to follow.
Image- personal impressions, coloured in with H20's
Paper- griffin paper
Sentiment- Inca stamps

Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy Anniversary

Hello all, Oh I'm being all romantic again with another loving card this time for a friend who has asked me to make a anniversary card for her parents.
I've had a great weekend good laughs late nights a trip to the cinema and a cheeky person who thought it would be highly amusing to move all my giraffes in my house!!!
Anyway back to Monday again and I hope to get a few more cards on here to show you.

This card is being entered into:
Charisma Cardz Inspired by a song- Love is in the air!!
Paper-kate knight
Sentiment-creative stamps
Cuttlebug heart nesties

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Woohoo I'm child free

Hello all..yes as the title says I'm child free tonight and tomorrow night yippee...what did I do before my mum moved up???? Tonight I'm hoping for an early night working four days again is knackering me out, and tomorrow night who knows where I'll end up lol!!! Also tonight mum is starting to take adam badminton lessons so be interesting how he gets on usually he is very anti trying anything new so maybe with mum he might react different!
Anyhow this card is being entered into the following challenges:
Sketch Saturday a sketch
Just Cute Bears Embossing and also a DT position.

Image-penny johnson, coloured in with H20's
Papers-Echo park-sweet summertime
Buttons and ribbon from stash.
Sentiment-forever friends
Cuttlebug used

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Romance is in the air!!!

hello all, well I hope the weather is lovely where you are, for some reason here in Ayrshire we are being gifted with some lovely weather just now the sun has been shining upon us for a few days and I'm hearing it is set to continue woohoooo!!!
I'm still really busy but am managing to cram a few cards in every now and then, and this one I have made is for my brother and wife who are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this week. Any how here is my card which is being entered into:
Allsorts challenge blog theme of park or garden

image-cuddly buddly,coloured in with H20's
Papers-my minds eye
Flowers-pm and the works
Brads-Hobby house

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Hi all just rushing this post on as soon off for a PKU dinner for Adam tonight down in Ayr so I hope he trys some new foods and enjoys it.
EDITED>>>> Adam had a great evening and was impressed that he tried some new foods didn;t get in till 10pm so I think I will have one tired boy in the morning to get up for school.
Be back on tomorrow peeps with another card. I'm on a roll this week lol night night all x
This card is being entered into:
Cute card thursday a sketch
Image-Manga coloured in with H20's
Papers- Argh forgotten shall add when I check
Flowers Pm
Martha Stewart loop punch

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Its not a blue day really!!

Hello all, my card might be mainly blue but I'm certainly not!! I'm having a great weekend was out friday night with some friends which was fab didn;t get in till 2:45am and then last night I had a friend round too!! very little sleep going on but hey I'm smiling which is the main thing and I may have some news in the near future so watch this space!!. Anyhow this card was made for my Nan whose birthday it is tomorrow and has reached the grand age of 91. So I hope this card is well recieved. I'm also entering it into the following challenges this week:
Penny Black Saturday challenge a sketch
ABC challenge B is for Blue.
Image-Penny black wind caraseed, coloured in with H20's
Papers-forever friends pink parfait
Gems, flowers and ribbons from stash

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Hello everyone in Blog land!! Can't believe that is the end of the summer holidays up here in Scotland, Adam went back yesterday and seemed to be ok which is a relief. But no peace for me, I had my friend whom I have known from school days up at the weekend and we had a great time going out venturing places. Now back to reality and working 4 days a week nannying so shall have to squeeze crafting in when I can.
This card has been put together tonight as I was getting itchy lol!!
Its also being entered into:
Crafty Creations Challenge The theme of butterflies.
Image-Pm Henbury lane Decoupage
Paper/Gems/Ribbons-from stock

Shall be back soon I hope x

Monday, 9 August 2010


Hello all, well firstly I'm so sorry that I have been absent for such a long time and a bad blogger for not commenting on your blogs. But time has just ran away with me and now its only a week till Adam goes back to school where oh where has it gone. I'm hoping the break from blogging will have done me some good and I can now return with plenty of mojo haha. But since my last post I had the ex here and that went so so, then my sister and her family were up which was complete madness, then last week my mum decided to that after 5 weeks of living in Scotland she wanted to test out the Scotish NHS!!! She got rushed into hospital last week with a suspected blood clot on the lung, thankfully it has turned out that it was a nasty chest infection but so bad that her lungs couldn't cope and she was struggling to breathe. She is home now but lots of rest needed for her and probably it was was a wake up call for me to see now that she is up here that she is my responsibilty oh heck!!!!
Also I'm now going to be working 4 days a week from next week so I really hope that I shall get some time to craft with all thats going on.
So finally a card:
This is being entered into
sketch Saturday a sketch
Secret Saturday its a mans world
charisma cardz teddy bears
Cute card Thursday Whateva

Image: LOTV coloured in with H20's
Papers: PM hampsted
Sentiment: craftwork cards
Stars: freebie


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

just a ramble!!

Hi all I'm in still in the planet of blogging land, but so much has gone on that I've not had time to post or really make...oops thats a lie I've made a card for a friends 1st birthday really pleased with it but gave it to her and forgot to take a piccie. But thats been my life last couple of weeks with mum moving in and helping her loads, she is now settled and the last delivery of new furniture arrived yesterday her house is looking lovely and she is enjoying spending all her pennies. Then adam last week got scarlet fever so he was poorly, and now this week I've come down with a horrid bug thing just hoping that I don;t come down with a rash as thats me as well with scarlet fever and worried as got the symptoms. Got the ex up next week Oh joy, but then he should take adam out some days so I may get some cards made. Then the following week my sister and family are visiting. So its total mayhem at mo. So I apologise for lack of posting and commenting, I shall be about soon take care all...back now to the sofa and adams spider man blanket round me lol xx

Thursday, 1 July 2010


Phew...I've got the night off from un-packing and as much as i love mum dearly blimey she has some stuff it is quite amusing but she really needs to sort out stuff and have a boot sale. but we are having a good giggle remimissing(just been told I've spelt this word wrong brain not working sorry peeps but you know what i mean!!) over bits but jees at the end I'm gonna look like popeye with the muscles I'm gonna have. Anyway found a mo to pop on the card I made for my sister for her birthday this week.
This card is being entered into:
Just Cute Bears Opene theme.
Image: LOTV, coloured in with H20's and stickles.
papers: forever Friends
Sentiment: Forever Friends
Martha Stewart Punch.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Morning all...I feel drugged this morning I am so tired lol and got awoken this morning by mum sending me a picture of the removal lorry loading up all her thinks she is a tad excited lol. I really need to get moving this morning as I only have 3 hours to go before Adam breaks up for the summer holidays, 7 weeks to entertain him hmmmm wonder how long it will take me to write a post ranting that I want him in school again lol!!

This birthday card has been made for someone who is close to my heart whose birthday it was at the weekend. (You know who you are!!!!!!!!) I got the impression that it was also gladly received.
Anyhow this card is also being entered into the following challenges:
Charisma Cardz One for the boys
Stamptacular Sunday Challenge Stars and Stripes.
Image: Penny Black, coloured in with H20's
Sentiment, Forever friends
Papers, stash
Stars, forever friends

Sunday, 27 June 2010

At the fairground

Hiya all, oh i feel bad as I've seen I've not been on here since last Tuesday blimey where has the days gone but I was 3 days and I've been here there and everywhere and this week is only going to get worse me thinks as on wednesday is mum's moving in day, I cannot wait be so great another new chapter beginning in my life for both me and mum. So I'm afraid I won;t be about as much this week. But this afternoon I have been very busy as I have lots of birthdays also this week going on and of course mum's moving in card too. So I shall try my hardest and get these cards shown even if I am up at stupid 0 clock.

Righty this card is one of my favs at the moment alot of detail went into the colouring of the image but it was really enjoyable too.

This card is being entered into:
The ABC challenge Extra Dimension.
Cute card thursday reuse,renew and re-cycle.
Crafty creations we want to see you shine.

image: Whimsey stamps-spring stepping
Papers: my minds Eye
Sentiment: Daisy & Dandelion
flowers: The works
Pins:hobby house
Ribbon: wrapped round pack of cards

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

2nd attempt lol

Hello all and I've done it again I attempted to get the sewing machine out and have another try at stitching...Be honest now on how you think this attempt looks!!
this card is being entered into:
Crafty Creations Stitching.
Saturday Challenge Wedding/Anniversaries.
Sentiment-peel off
Stitching-sewing machine
Cuttlebug-Divine swirls embossing folder

Sunday, 20 June 2010

What a beautiful day

Hello to all my dear friends in bloggy land..the sun has been shining like a good un here and we have been catch many a ray on the beach today its been perfect, tried to colour in an image earlier I just haven't got the humph tonight so hope I get to have another bash soon.
Righty you are all so clever and back to my blog award and yep the lie was that I had kissed Michael Buble if only eh!!!! But the magazines and papers that i have been in is to talk about Adam's rare condition PKU. Also I have written 2 articles as well covering the sad ness of losing a stillborn baby. I feel if I can get these life changing conditions more in the public eye and help other parents then thats got to be a good thing.
Righty onto my card this card was for my neice today whose Christening it was today.
Also entering this card into: Craftalicious Challenges Monotone.
Image: Penny black coloured in with H20's
Sentiment:Forever Friends

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

a blog award

Morning all and the sun is shining, Gwen(Kitten) is sunning herself on the windowsill she is being such a joy to be with and Adam is doting on her esp when she has her mad half hours.
I've been lucky enough to have received this blog award from Fiona at lil daffodil

The conditions of this award are that I'm to give you 7 statements about myself and either 6 will be true and 1 false or 6 false and 1 true. It's up to you to guess which and sort out what might be true. I would love to hear which of these you think is false.
* I love giraffes
* I love card making
* I've been in the Sunday Express paper
* I have kissed Michael Buble
* I've been in Take a break magazine
* I've been in the Mother & Baby magazine
* I love chocolate and have to always have some after my breakfast!
I'm now to pass on this award to 7 other people and these are:

crafty clare
Suzie Q
Enjoy and have a good day xx

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


yes I do hurt lol for those who have been asking about my bike ride it was great but hey I was very sore after, feeling slighty better now but I've got to get back on again now and do it again. Just popping this card on before I go and catch up on some rays in the garden as its beautiful here and meant to be for the next few days too.
This card is being entered into:
Allsorts buttons or bows
charisma cardz spots and stripes.
truly scrumptious a sketch.
Image-LOTV-coloured in with H20's
Sentiment-Daisy & Dandelion
Ribbon and buttons-stash

Saturday, 12 June 2010

tis the season for NO MORE RAIN!!!

Hi all its gorgeous here today and I don't quite know how I am able to sit down as I've done my first bike ride with Adam it was great fun but Oh I'm so gonna ache tomorrow!! Onto my card and I thought I would make this one to show the clouds up above that we don;t want any more rain just sun and warmth please. This also fits in nicely with the following challenges:
ABC challenge W for weather.
Sketch satureday a sketch.
Image: Maggie coloured in with H20's, kindly sent from Crafty Clare x
Papers: Doodlebug
Ribbon and Gems: Stash

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Hiya everyone...Oh help my mojo is seriously going not been able to craft now for a few days so much going on just now and I have just gone and brought myself a bike so me and Adam can go off bike riding and hopefully get me trimmed up a little more!! Ok so I can wish lol!!!
This card is being entered into:
Moving along the times a sketch
Allsorts the theme of 'strawberries and cream'
House mouse the theme something sweet
Image-house mouse, sleeping with strawberries, coloured in with H20's
Papers-bo Bunny
Sentiment-forever friends

Sunday, 6 June 2010

floating fairy

Good Evening to you all, and hope your weekend has been good. Been busy this end although I've got another bout of tonsilitus I've kept going and yesterday was great as me and Adam went to the hospital to learn about lots more recipes for him to try and new products coming out and I was so proud of him yesterday as I'm hoping we are beating the phobia of trying new foods and he managed to try a few bits and actually went back for more. So looks like this week I shall be cooking more inventions for him to eat and I hope sucess is in our favour. Also last night after many tears Adams top front tooth came out the one next to it is also hanging by a thread to so hopefully that won;t take too long too come out as well he does look funny with the gap there now.
Righty onto my card which is being entered into the following challengs and also a DT call at Moving along the times.
Moving along with the times sketch to follow
charisma cards theme of flowers.
Cut card thursday colours of blue orange and black.
image- Victoria-Kraftin Kimmie Stamps, coloured in with H20's
flowers- marianne designs
Ribbon stash
Cuttlebug-embossed divine swirls