Sunday, 7 June 2009

another update

Hiya all sorry been keeping low profile last few days although have tried to get about a little on some peeps blogs so sorry if i haven't been along to yours.
Well the pregnancy was taken away last wed and since then have a hit a very negative low, both physical and emotionally. I'm so trying to pick myself up but after 3 failed pregnancies all at different gestations and problems i am hating myself and my body and i seriosuly wonder what future i have in the baby making department...peeps if you are lucky enough to have kiddies treasure them loads they are such a gift given to you, never begrudge them or find them hardwork!!!!

Well hopefully the next couple of days i shall be kept busy i'm doing my 2 days of shadowing at the hospital on the childrens ward for my job 7.30am - 8pm!!!! i'm gonna be knackered, but i hope it shall take my mind off whats going on with me just now, and i may even get a cuddle from a little one so that will be good.
right off to get a card on now woohooooo!!


  1. hi de hi,
    It must be very very difficult, no words can ever take away the pain, i have never been through anything like this but send you all my love and wishes on making you feel your normal self!!
    Suzie Qxx

  2. Hi Emmma, I'm so sorry to hear you are feeling so low at the moment, I'm sure that in time you will start to feel brighter and I can't begin to imagine what you are going through right now...take care of yourself and I'm sending you HUGE (((((HUGS))) I'm sure some big hugs with Adam will help too :) Donna x


thanks so much for your comments xx