Wednesday, 2 December 2009

adam's birthday and not again!!

Morning all, an update this end and i'm so gutted again adam off school poorly got sent home yesterday off to docs who say ear infection throat infection etc, but he also showing very similar symptoms to when he had swine flu so i really don't know just so so sad for him to be honest that he is suffering so much this winter and that his PKU obiously plays a big part in his immune system.
On a good note he was still well for his birthday and enjoyed himself he loved his surprise present of a new bike i got from E-Bay for £10.50 absolute bargain and in fabby condition. His cake on the other hand was a bit of a bodge job though lol even got diagnosed as looking like a hoovercraft!!!! haha. well here are a few photos of the birthday boy and his card i made him love you all loads xx


  1. Oh poor Adam I really do feel for you both as I have said before my son was very poorly until he was about 11 constantly in and out of hospital and I know how draining it can be. Keep you chin up Emma and I wish Adam a speedy recovery.
    Kim xXx

  2. Poor wee soul, big hugs from me to Adam and for you honey. Great card bet he loved it. Thanks for sharing your piccis looks like Adam had a fab birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday to Adam, a lovely card!

  4. Hi Emma,
    what a poor lil soldier he is bless him!
    what a lucky lucky boy he is to have a mum like you pictures show he must of had a great time and your cake is fab !!!
    lovely card also
    Suzie Qx

  5. Hi Emma, so sorry to hear Adam is poorly again, I hope he picks up again soon! Fab photos of the birthday boy and his pressies and WOW to the cake...its fantastic :) Donna x

  6. Aww, poor Adam - I'm sorry to hear he's not well again, hope he picks up again soon.
    Looks like he had a fab time on his birthday - what a lot of presents! My nephew is a big Ben 10 fan too, though for some reason he's into Star Wars now, so he's getting a Star Wars duvet cover from me for Christmas (my sister's hoping that will get him into bed early on Christmas!)

  7. Well thats seems like a grand celebration, i really liked the decoration and the preparation done,great work, keep it up.

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