Wednesday, 14 July 2010

just a ramble!!

Hi all I'm in still in the planet of blogging land, but so much has gone on that I've not had time to post or really make...oops thats a lie I've made a card for a friends 1st birthday really pleased with it but gave it to her and forgot to take a piccie. But thats been my life last couple of weeks with mum moving in and helping her loads, she is now settled and the last delivery of new furniture arrived yesterday her house is looking lovely and she is enjoying spending all her pennies. Then adam last week got scarlet fever so he was poorly, and now this week I've come down with a horrid bug thing just hoping that I don;t come down with a rash as thats me as well with scarlet fever and worried as got the symptoms. Got the ex up next week Oh joy, but then he should take adam out some days so I may get some cards made. Then the following week my sister and family are visiting. So its total mayhem at mo. So I apologise for lack of posting and commenting, I shall be about soon take care all...back now to the sofa and adams spider man blanket round me lol xx


  1. Sounds hectic!...Hope your feeling better soon! Take care!

  2. Hi Emma,
    Glad your mum is settling in . Sorry to hear Adam is poorly. You have had a lot on your plate so take your time and I'll look forward to seeing what you produce when things settle down.
    Fiona x

  3. Ah mate what a pooh time your having at the mo!!!
    hope Adam is on the mend and fingers crossed you do not have it!!
    sending warm hugs
    Suzie qx

  4. Oh Emma poor Adam and even more poor you if you end up with it as well. Glad mum is settling though and I am sure she is a big help whilst you feel under the weather. Love the new grown up photo's of Adam he has such a cheeky little face lol and of you too. Take care now.
    Kim xXx

  5. Sorry to hear Adam hasn't been well .... though you haven't been on for a while so hope you haven't got it too!

  6. hiya sorry to hear that adams not well..and that you're feeling under the weather..wishing you both a speedy recovery..glad your moms got settled..
    michelle Xx


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