Thursday, 2 December 2010

In la la land

Sorry folks that I've not been about but its all gone belly up here, so until next week I'm going to take a break from blogging.
It all started with the ex coming up for adam's birthday, then on adams birthday his little kitten Gwen got run over he was distraught as expected so the rest of his birthday was up at the vets. She has a very bad pelvic injury at first we thought she would heal but yesterday she had a further x-ray and this has showed more damage internally and most probably not operable to sustain her with any quality of life. The vet is trying his hardest to do what ever he can but looks like today or tomorrow the sad decesion will be made to put her asleep. I feel very guilty over it all and adam is once again having to face another death. Also with the bad weather occuring we never really got to do everything we had planned to for adam birthday.
I've also got my craft fair on Saturday I'm not ready for it at all but I shall just hope that a few people stop and have a look. So with all this going on I'm just taking a back step getting my head organised and then I shall be back. The only good thing at the moment is that my craft storage unit arrived yesterday so hopefully once everything settles down I can get organised and enjoy putting it all together.
righty peeps thanks for reading this far stay safe and warm in this weather and I'll be back sometime next week xx


  1. Hi Emma,
    You are really going through the mill just now. Your right to take a break. Take care and just know I'm thinking about you both.
    Special Hugs,
    Fiona x

  2. Hi Emma,
    it never rains it blooming pours!!! really feel for you at the moment and poor lil Adam x
    nearly over for this year so onwards and upwards if it makes you feel any better haven't done a thing towards crimbo yet!lol
    big hugs to you both
    Suzie qx

  3. Oh Emma
    How sad Adam must be feeling, sending him big warm hugs. I know how hard it is on you too, our guinea pig died a fortnight ago and the kids were devastated, so was I but had to be strong in front of them. Take care and I hope Adam copes Ok
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. hey hun I really hope your life turns around soon so big hugs to you and adam.
    you've got my mobile number drop me a text if you fancy a chat.

    hugs Clare x

  5. Aww Emma I am so sorry to hear about the kitty, poor Adam. Hope the craft fair went as well as possible with the weather issues.
    Kim xXx

  6. Ohhh Emma I'm so sorry to hear about Adam's poor kitty.
    Hope your craft fair went OK and that you're all staying warm in this awful weather ... and I see there's more snow on the way Brrrrr.


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