Tuesday, 25 January 2011

its only me!!!!

Hi all just a quicky as using the library computer as my laptop gone off for repair, and thats pretty much in the state I am at the moment. Its all gone loopy and sat here with my crutches next to me as I had my knee operation last week so I'm all bandaged up crutched up and in pain and totally frustrated at doing very little indeed. Everything seems to of gone out of the window, blogging card making I'm feeling very down on myself and hate being so dependent on others. Still I'm hoping the operation was a sucess and it shall heal eventually. Cameron and my mum have both been so good to me seeing me in a state is no fun and I've not liked Cameron seeing me in a bad way....god knows how he still wants to be with me even after showering me and being such a good nurse haha.
I'm so hoping in the next few days I can get motivated to make some cards maybe if I shoved my crutch up my bum that might help haha
All I can do is apologise to you all for being so neglectful to each and every one of you for not being about I really hope to asap in the meantime be good be creative and hugs to all of you xx


  1. glad your ok hun, still keep popping over just incase I have missed a post. Probably a stupid question but are you going to SEC??

  2. Hi Emma,
    Glad the op is over. Take care and get back full health and strength.
    Fiona x

  3. Get well soon Emma! Be sure and take it easy and let your knee heal .... I know, easier said than done sometimes!

  4. Aww Emma I hope the pain subsides soon and that the road to recovery isn't too long. If Cameron can do those things for you when you are at your lowest then you should know you have a good catch. I never dreamed my hubby would do the things he has had to for me over the years (and yes some of them extremely embarrassing) but he has and it has brought us a lot closer for it. He says that he only hopes I will return the favour if needs must but I told him straight!!!
    Take care and ENJOY the pampering.
    Kim xXx

  5. Oh my goodness bad knee knees poor you i'm sure Cameron will give them a good rub and make it all better x
    ooer mrs x
    wishing you a speedy recovery
    Suzie Qx


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