Sunday, 29 March 2009

hello all...well i'm back in the land of bloggy land again!!! i had the joys of a virus being sent to me and it screwed up all my i took the plunge and decided to get my self a laptop prob in the celebration that i know i'm going to get some income coming in soon now this job is all sorted out.
so thats me now re set up but no cards to show at mo but hopefully now that i have things sorted out i can get on this week and make more cards especially more baby and christening ones to put into the shop in the village. so i shall be back i promise with some cards to show.

hope everyone has had a good weekend

Oooooops i just lied i've just realised that i have made a card for the daisy and dandelion blog so i must get a pic up and submit it doh my brain lol

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  1. Hullo Mrs Giraffe,
    Just popped over to say Hi and thank you for taking the time to comment, dunno what i doing wrong at the moment but seem to be losing them so i do apologise but i did read it and you were very kind.May just get on the phone to my cyber doctor to see if she can retrieve it for me.
    your cards are fine what you worrying about lol


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