Monday, 21 September 2009

slap my wrists....but i am back now lol

Hello all, I'm here grovelling at the mo cos i feel as though i have let u all down! Have you all been wondering where i've been well i went down to see my mum in norfolk last wednesday and i only got back this afternoon and i apologise i didn;t even tell u i was going bad bad me!!! i had intended too but time ran away with me, and then i thought i would of had time to slip to my mums library to post a message to you all but again didn't get the time. so sorry folks but i was thinking of you all hard at work on your crafty creations which i intend in getting round to visiting your blogs in the next couple of days to say hi to you all.
i did miss you all xxx

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  1. Hi ya,
    Nice to know you have a life outside blogging world!! lol x
    hope you had nice time
    Suzie qx


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