Friday, 17 September 2010

Oh I am being spoilt!!!

Hi all just a quicky to pre worn you new man Cameron is one cheeky chappy he has found his way to my blog and has left a sneaky message although so quick he couldn't spell lol!!!
But he really doesn't get my card making at all, he thinks i should just stick a picture on and mass produce, I've tried explaining to him the wonders of card making but its not working on him, so if you see weird messages its from him lol!!
Have a good evening everybody...Oh and yes last night was good fun and now I'm being spoilt once more as he is over again tonight woohooooo!!!
Card tomorrow I promise actually got images next to me that I have been trying to colour in but been so busy today tidying rearranging and chucking stuff up in my loft and then to the tip so I ache big time now.
Catch you all tomorrow xx


  1. So as I’m going to see you tonight have you told your neighbors and neighborhood watch???

  2. Oops a daisy!!!! Too late now lol


thanks so much for your comments xx