Wednesday, 25 November 2009

another award

ah i've been blessed by another award this week from the lovely fiona at

and now i have to write 7 things about me:
oh my no idea um these are goingto be rubbish lol
1) i gave birth to a stillborn baby 15th oct05
2) Adam has a rare metabollic condition called pku and un managed can lead to brain damage
3) I have lived in scotland for 18 months and was previosuly in Essex
4) Never thought i would have the confidence to leave my abusive husband and move away and start again
5) 6 years ago today i was told that i would have to give birth the next day to my son 3 weeks early i went into shock and my labour started naturally that night
6) I would love to start up a support group either for the conditon of PKU or a support group for baby loss.
7) another dream goal would be to train as a midwife
oh that was hard lol

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