Saturday, 21 November 2009

normal service has been resumed!!!!

Well good morening to you all and its not raining yet as well and i have a smile on my face....WHy you might think and its cos adam ate well for dinner last night and slept through too woohooooo things are looking up on the adam front and he woke up this morning and said its now only 5 days till his birthday bless my little soldier.

AND guess what else.....i'm typing back on my computer woohooooooooo honestly i was like a big kid again when i turned it back on although i was mighty scared it wouldn't work. But basically the laptop was due to be picked up yesterday, but then mid morning another package from PC world arrived and it was the correct lead this time so bobs your uncle it turned on then half hour later the company then came to take it away oh no no!!! noone was taking it away from me now lol, so no idea what PC was up too but they would of recieved one very stroppy letter so shall wait to see what response i get from them. Oh but how nice is this to be tapping away I'm so sad or any of you addicted as well?!?!?!

right way too early in the morning but as its dry at moment i'm going to plant some bulbs, tidy up back garden, wash down front door then hoover out car, then adam got a party to go to later then i shall get my bum on here and post some cards although to late for the challenges
catch u later peeps luv ya xxx


  1. yay,
    welcome back fingers crossed all goes well for a while
    Suzie Qx

  2. Glad your all sorted and that Adam is finally better. Wishing him a nice time at his party.
    Kim xXx

  3. Yeah your back....jings I forgot to reply to your email honey so sorry i will sit on the naughty step lol although it has been pretty mad here lately as you know. Sincere apologises mwah to you and Adam.

  4. Welcome back Emma .. I'm so glad to hear life is starting to resume to normal!


thanks so much for your comments xx