Sunday, 1 November 2009

happy birthday to me and update

Hi all yes its my birthday grand old age of 32 now!!! but to be honest its not really felt like my birthday at all. As u know adam was to go into hospital on thurs which he did and after his operation on friday he had a severe reaction to either the pre-med or general anesthetic or both so we only got out out this afternoon and only cos they are hoping that adam might drink a little better at home and if not then he has to go back in again tomorrow so i'm so hoping that he picks up pretty quick as the childrens hospital in glasgow (yorkhill) struggled with his dietary needs and obviously a stressful time for me and adam. so since home i've just been trying to make adam better.
so thankyou for messages on here and facebook folks so appreciated xx

P.S as i've not been about i'm going to extend my birthday candy till the end of the week as if i'm back in hossie tomorrow then i'm not about to post plus postal strikes etc, so folks get posting on blog candy and i might even be extra nice and show a piccie of the prize!!!!!


  1. I really hope that Adam picks up, and things get better for him.
    Hugs to you both
    Tracy x

  2. Hope all is well for both of you & Adam feels better soon
    hugs Nikki
    I left a small innocent joke for you to enjoy
    it's PG rated lol

  3. Hi Emma,
    What a great idea - an extended birthday. Enjoy - you deserve it. I hope Adam feels better soon.
    Fiona x

  4. Hi Emma, happy belated birthday. Hugs to Adam hope he is feeling better now he is home, I've spent many an hour at yorkhill so know what you mean.

    Love Pam

  5. Hi Emma, Sending you BIG BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes for yesterday and BUG HUGS for Adam, hope he picks up soon and starts flashing you that gorgeous smile of his :) Donna x

  6. Happy birthday!
    32 is a great age.
    Take a look here:


thanks so much for your comments xx