Friday, 8 May 2009

hiya all

ggrrr just typed this out once and then the internet went down ggrrr
take 2 lol
hiya all just a little post to say i shall not be about as usual over the weekend as i have my good friend from Battle flying up for her birthday tomorrow and we are out sat night for a chinese and a boogie be good to shake off the dust of them glad rags lol.
i shall be defo back monday evening as i have to get them creative juices flowing as i have 2 commisions to make a 60th and a 70th birthday card so no idea as yet what to do for them but sure keep me busy no doubt lol
well have a good weekend peeps and if i get a mo i shall be about no doubt xx


  1. hope you have a fab time sweetie

  2. Hope you had lots & lots of fun Emma :) xxx

  3. BTW how gorgeous is Adam?!! Awwwww....


thanks so much for your comments xx