Monday, 11 May 2009

I'm back kinda lol

Hiya all well I had a truely wonderful time with my dear friend Tuula and sad it has ended this afternoon when i took her to the airport. It went so quick but we crammed in loads and she loved her birthday cards and it is so nice when people appreciate your work!! Sat afternoon we had a Wii afternoon with my neighbour and fab friend Jo(jo jewels) and Tuula. Sat night we all went for a chinese and Boogie in Ayr came back and we chatted to 4am and then just grabbed some blankets and snoozed until the morning arrgghhhhh 4 kids at 7:30am!!! sunday we had adam and logans usual swim lessons and then we had made up a picnic and off we went to the beach which was lovely and the weather behaved up here for a change!! yummy roast dinner last night with a power cut but we managed and my yummy key lime pie i had made hmmmm. another late night and then today just so much more chatting!!!
So girls not been about at all so i shall catch up asap, and i need to get this commisions done tomorrow so i can give them to my friends mum so i will be kept busy but for now i really really need some SLEEP!!!! my eyes are so sore and i need to go rest so i shall be back tomorrow hope fully more normal haha if that can ever happen lol luv you and thanks for all your lovely comments you're lovely xx

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