Saturday, 23 May 2009

update on me...not good news.

Well finally after being in hossie again yesterday i got the news i was dreading. To be all straight with you all I am pregnant but at very early stages and sadly this pregnancy isn't viable as the cell division isn't happening and no normal growth for this stage of pregnancy. So now i have been facing 48hr bloods to see if my blood levels were doubling and they are not so unless a miracle happens, next thursday shall be facing a final scan and then to decide whether they give me an injection to dissolve the pregnancy or i book in for a D&C. At mo can't decide which option is best for me and after loosing my son George at 19 weeks gestation and then after an ectopic pregnancy I'm obviously thinking WHY????
I shall get through this somehow and I have still got my boy Adam to be thankfull for.
I am about girls card making is what i need to concentrate on in the next few days as well as my 2nd lot of training to do too.
thanks for reading and love you all xxxx


  1. aww Emma hun my heart goes out to you. I really am terrible at knowing what to say but I'm thinking of you hun and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Just look at you gorgeous son Adam, you still have him Emma and he's you're little mircle. Make some cards this sometimes helps me when I'm stressed take care and big cyber hugs Jill xx

  2. Sorry to hear this news Emma hun :( Sending you some HUGS through blogland. Try and keep your chin up hun, thinking of you xxx

  3. Emma I,m so sorry to hear of this sweetheart..My thoughts and prayers are with you at this moment in time..sending you some huggies from a blog friend..we are all hear for you..
    by the way your adam looks a little cuttie.. I have a son called adam and hes neally 15yrs and hes my baby...I also lost a child about 6yrs ago but my family and friends helped me through this awful take care...
    Michelle Xx

  4. Hi emma,
    my thoughts are with you at this very difficult time it can't be easy - wrapping you with a big warm hug xxxxx

  5. So sorry Emma, don't know what to say love, just that keep giving your little Adam big hugs same as the ones we're all sending you and hopefully you'll get through this.
    Love, hugs and special thoughts
    Tracy x

  6. Hi Emma, I'm so saddened to read your post this evening, it sounds like you have been having a really rough time with another difficult week ahead of you :( I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and little Adam and I'm sending BIG ((((((HUGS)))))) your way.....take care Emma :) Donna x

  7. So sorry to read your sad news hun. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.

    Liza x

  8. Hi there hunny, I am so very sorry to read your sad news. Life must feel pretty sh*tty for you at times. Hang in there hun and call on all of us if you ever need anything
    Big hugs hun


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