Saturday, 30 May 2009

just a little catch up

hiya all...been very neglectful again on my blog but at same time trying to piece together my life again, and thursday news was not at all good and at present miscarrying my so wanted baby. I'm in alot of pain but so trying to carry on so adam still gets my love and attention, just not sure yet when this is going to hit me...i know it will at some point, i'm just praying that my body does this in the right way cos if not i'm back in on monday for a D&C. So if i go quiet you know why...but i'm sure my bestest bud Jo (JO's jewels) will keep you updated.
Thanks all for your heartelt messages really means so much to know you are out there thinking about me I've not known you all that long but so kind to me. luv you all xxx

there is a card on the way...just charging up the battery lol xxx


  1. Good evening Emma, i was so sorry to read about your miscarriage, having been through 2 myself in the past i know how you are feeling. I am sure however you find a great deal of comfort from your gorgeous son Adam! I hope you are trying to be positive, easier said than done i know. Am thinking of you. Hugs Linda x

  2. Thinking of you during this hard time hun xxx

  3. my thoughts are with you of course in this difficult time xx big hug


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