Sunday, 17 May 2009

sorry i've been AWOL!!

hiya many apologies that i have not been about this last week feel like i have abandoned you all. afraid to say that i have been unfit enough that my brain, emotions and my body has not been on top form. I'm having tests at the hospital and i hope it comes out with good news but if not i may need a bit of propping up!!! but when i know more you shall be told i promise.
I'm also due to start my training course tomorrow for my nursery nurse post at my hospital i shouldn't be doing this but i feel least this is keeping me busy and my brain occupied and hey if i collapse i'll be in the right place!!!
Well i'll be about i'm sure...if not nag me please, don't want to abandon you again.
hugs and love to you all xxxx


  1. Oh Emma,
    i do hope evrything will be OK, sometimes we can get ouselves in a right tizz. I was being tested for thyroid cancer last year and even though I've had half my thyroid removed I was given the all clear for cancer, but i was out of my mind with worry, still may have to have the rest removed now as they have found more nodules and I have to have all the cancer tests done again.
    Take care Emma, looking forward to positive news (fingers crossed).
    happy crafting
    Tracy x

  2. So sorry to hear you have been under the weather Emma, I hope things improve and that you are soon back to your jolly, happy self :) Donna x

  3. love u hun i'm right here as always! jo x

  4. Hi,
    Sorry to hear you not feeling the full ticket and hope everything gets sorted for you, missing your cards !!


thanks so much for your comments xx